IV Hydration

Hydration Therapy is a unique treatment that administers electrolyte-packed IV fluids directly into the bloodstream. The fluid may be enhanced with additives such as calcium, magnesium sulfate or a Vitamin B complex. It is a far more efficient method of absorption when compared to the traditional method of drinking liquids/electrolytes, which means that you will be on your way to feeling better in no time.


Immune Support

Boosts the immune system to prevent illness and infections.  Ascorbic Acid, B Complex, Zinc.

Athletic Performance/Endurance

Aids in muscle growth and recovery, improves performance and endurance and supports metabolism.  Ascorbic Acid, B Complex, Amino Acid Blend, Mineral Blend.

*Glutathione add-on recommended


Pre/Post Party

Prepare for a night out or recover from one! Boosts metabolism and energy production, mood enhancer and great for jet lag. B Complex, Amino Acid Blend

*NAC for Liver Detox and Zofran add-on recommended.

Anti-Aging and Metabolic Boost

Promotes collagen production, protects skin and reduces inflammation. Acts as an antioxidant.  Promotes skin brightening, strong nails and healthy, shiny hair.  Ascorbic Acid, B Complex, Biotin, NAD+

*Glutathione add-on recommended


Meyers- The Original IV Hydration

Great for recovery from fatigue, brain fog and overall dehydration. Helps with memory loss and cold/flu-like symptoms. Magnesium, B Complex, Vitamin C, Calcium.

*Glutathione add-on recommended

NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine)

Helps restore Glutathione (antioxidant). Aids in liver detox, reduces inflammation, and supports healthy mood.


NAD+ (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide)

Our body’s cells go through cycles of growth, repair and survival, all of which take up a lot of energy. In the field of aging, NAD+ is a fundamental cofactor to guarantee the action of sirtuins, enzymes involved in particular in DNA repair and regulation of cellular stress. NAD+ is a coenzyme essential to metabolism that promotes cell and DNA repair, while promoting longevity and brain health.


Promotes healthy muscle growth and repair and boosts athletic performance. It is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier that promotes healthy heart, mood stabilizer, and helps clear brain fog, while supporting healthy skin.



Zofran is a prescription medication that relieves nausea, an excellent add-on for the post party IV hydration.