Feel Younger BHRT Club

In order to live your best life and wake up every day feeling youthful, alive, and energetic you have to maintain optimal vitamin, hormone and thyroid levels. Customized treatment plans based on only the finest, most consistent Bio-Identical Hormone Replacements pellets in the country coupled with over thirty years of experience. That’s what makes this the best hormone replacement program. We will guide you through every step to living your best life.


Forever Young Club

How great would it be if you could put your injectables on an affordable layaway program?  That way you could have money in your account ready for you to use as you please! This is for you! Funds may be used for injectables or procedures. 


Botox® Club

Join our Botox® Club and receives special pricing towards Botox®and Dysport®. Your monthly payment goes toward an injection appointment every 3 months. Call us for more details.


Lash Club

Wake up ready with our lash club! Eyelash extensions create an easy, breezy morning route: brush your lashes and head out the door, no more pesky mascara in your morning routine! Our lash club is the only membership we have where there is no time limit and there is no contract, you can join and stay as long as is convenient for you. Enjoy a classic, hybrid, volume or mink eyelash extension fill every 2 weeks to maintain your perfect look!

Laser Hair Removal Club

Our laser hair removal club is designed for you to throw away those pesky and expensive razors and enjoy your bikini ready bod any day of the week. Allowing spontaneous hot tub dips and swimming hair free and razor-free! This membership is for 12 months and is for one area of laser hair removal per month. 

Skin Care

Wildcat/Teen Skin Club

The Wildcat or Teen skin club is designed for those who may be new to skincare and treatments. These treatments are excellent for starting a consistent maintenance program to get your skin balanced, healthy and keep it there. 

Choose monthly from the following services: 
Chemical Peel
HG Facial
6 month contracts get one 10% off product date of their choice. 
12 month contracts get two 10% off products date of their choice.

*Not to be combined with any other specials
45-60 minute appointments

HG Men's Club

The Hourglass men’s club is exclusively for the discerning male who cares about his image and wants to keep up with his professional counterparts and maintain and preserve his good looks, look no further we have found your fountain of youth. Monthly skin care treatments can help you look and feel your best! 

Choose monthly from the following services: 
Wax (brows, nose, ears)
Maskne Facial


15% off IV Hydration
10% off Facial Injectables anytime
10% off Labs for wellness treatments
*Not to be combined with any other specials

Man Stretching

Gold Skin Club

The Hourglass Gold Skin Club is for those clients interested in maintaining healthy, flawless skin and a beautiful glow year round. These treatments are customized for each client monthly ton address the changes in your skin as the weather and our environments change. No two treatments are exactly alike, this is all about you, and is your time.


Choose monthly from the following services: 
Hourglass Deluxe Glow Facial
Hourglass Deluxe Spa Facial


6 month contracts get one 10% off product date of their choice. 
12 month contracts get two 10% off products date of their choice and 10% off injectables anytime. 
*Not to be combined with any other specials
60 minute appointments

Platinum Skin Club

The Platinum Skin Club is for the discerning clientele looking to always be up on their skincare game. The customized treatments offered in this exclusive club are the ultimate in warding off any signs of aging, browns spots, pesky acne, and are the ultimate in collagen stimulation. This club will change your skin and maintain your most youthful glow year round. 


Choose monthly from the following services: 
IPL Laser treatment
Signature HydraFacial


Two 10% off products date of your choice 
10% off injectables anytime 
*Not to be combined with any other specials/12 month contracts only
45-90 minute appointments


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